by Liminal

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Tuomo Suihkonen - Vocals
Olli Luoma - Guitar & Vocals, Piano on Deicide
Kalle Kohvakka - Guitar
Juho Askola - Bass
Pyry Ikonen - Drums

Recorded & mixed at Tonehaven Recording Studio with Tom Brooke
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde @ Virtalähde Mastering

Album art by Nelli Kiviluoma


released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Liminal Jyväskylä, Finland

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Track Name: Deicide
Bitter of your existence
You reject your creation

Severing any and all bonds
your reprisal is complete

Deny me, resent me,
dare to feel your anger
and guide it toward me
Act out your vengeance and be free

As time passes you will forget my name
as if I had never existed

You now belong to the void
and in the void you shall remain

Thrown into the world alone
without the strenght to carry on
on this paradoxal quest
toward the inevitable empty
Track Name: Tranquil
Inhailing, ingesting
this calmness, becoming nothing
and I feel tranquil

Pulled back from dreaming I saw my end

I fear now that only in death can one find relief

Not ready nor willing to leave this plane

So I indulge in sensory pleasures
and clutter my mind

But I can't forget

Doomed to seek the peace I dreamed
to chase the sun only to feel tranquil
Track Name: Walls of Sound
I'll allow myself only to feel pain
I'll swallow myself and suffocate
I'll give myself unto these walls of sound

Only then can I know if I am here

Relieving I open my body to be taken
These restraints are breaking and I feel something breaching
Limbs twitching unwilling to move as I would will them
Outside now observing the flesh I once resided in

I'm left wandering
what am I?

A past that never was, a future that won't be
My mind, my body, a form of infinite complexities
If all that exists is this moment
then this moment is me