Cast No Shadow

by Liminal

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Tuomo Suihkonen - Vocals
Olli Luoma - Guitar & Vocals
Kalle Kohvakka - Guitar
Juho Askola - Bass
Pyry Ikonen - Drums

Recorded mixed & mastered at Tonehaven Recording Studio in Lievestuore by Tom Brooke

Art by Nelli Kiviluoma


released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Liminal Jyväskylä, Finland

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Track Name: Cast No Shadow
Cast no shadow
Don't be a burden
Show no weakness
Boil beneath the surface

I won't cast a shadow
won't be a burden
This too shall pass
if only I could last

A faint light
shines through
these clouds
of mist
Teasing me with it's warmth

Wrapped in thorns that pierce too deep
can't cut myself free
Sealing me inside
Watch me fade as I implode
and collapse into myself
Gazing in the void
Track Name: Coming of Morning
With light of life still running from your loins
In deep despair the blade sooths your skin

The coming of morning
The singing crow
Mark the rapture
of your soul

You're dripping with sweat with knife in your hand
You trace the path shown to those broken

A seed was planted inside
but in your gardens it died

I found you there laying on
a pact of snow stained with red

With crescent cuts around your wrists
A sight that I could bare not see
With loss of light you could not cope
And with this loss died all your hope

Your scent still in my hair
your taste on my lips and fingers
but now you have gone where I
cannot follow

Now afloat in space
your spirit roams in the empty
With eyes as wide white plates
you stare into nothing
Track Name: God Told Me To
I've been dethroned
from the throne of my mind
All these years I felt so close to God
and it wasn't him after all

The only God was in my head

Never again to bask in Gods grace
Heart ripped from chest and torn from his embrace

Caught in longing
void of meaning
I search for purpose
in existance

Caught in longing...

All these years I felt so close to God
and it wasn't him after all

The only God was in my head